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About Camp Hahobas

About Camp Hahobas

Scouts and Scouters,
Welcome to the adventure!

The Hahobas staff and I are excited to welcome you! On this website you will find your map to an exciting adventure we hope you will find fun, challenging and worthwhile.

As always we have been working over the past year to improve and grow in a way that will encourage a continually better experience for all of our scouts and Scouters.

Foremost is the continued growth of our Trail to First Class area, also known as our Pathfinder program. Through the determination of some very dedicated volunteers, we have worked hard to create a scout-friendly environment to help our first and second year campers learn, improve and grow their scouting skills.

In 2009 we added a Blacksmithing area. The Scouts have had a blast learning about the exciting world of metal working, making charcoal, using fire to bend and form steel and other skills.

Campsites were cleared of excessive underbrush and stumps in 2013 - 2014, and what used to be 'squirrel trails' from tent site to tent site are now large open areas where Scouts can practice the Patrol Method, and participate in group activities in their campsites. Several new, smaller campsites were also created, to allow smaller units to have their own campsites, while increasing the overall camper capacity.

2015 brought some significant improvements to the camp infrastructure, many buildings received a new coat of paint, all were pressure washed and cleaned, and a huge amount of scrap metal, scrap wood and other obsolete equipment was hauled away.

We also made an immense improvement in our food service in 2015 by adding hot water wash stands in the serving area, and two more serving lines for a total of four, which reduced the wait time for meals from 45 minutes to 15 minutes; it really paid off!

The camp's directional sign system was re-installed on new pressure treated posts with concrete bases, and our huge inventory of signs that had fallen off their rotting posts over the years now proudly point the way for Scouts to find all that Camp Hahobas has to offer.

2015 also ushered in the 'Camp Hahobas Welding Academy'. Boy Scouts of all ages can earn the Welding Merit Badge, thanks to a generous donation of welding equipment from the Lincoln Electric Company.

Along with these additions and the continuance of our long standing tradition here on the Hood Canal (since 1933), we've worked hard to provide the best possible program available to scouts in the Northwest. In keeping with our ongoing dedication to improvement and growth, we have hand-picked the best staff that our area has to offer.

We encourage you to try new things, test your abilities and open your mind and imaginations to new ideas and new adventures; but above all else, have fun! We look forward to serving as your summer camp staff.

Welcome to Camp Hahobas!
David Pope, Camp Director








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