Adventure Series Events

Adventure Series: Overview of Camp Hahobas Off-Season Events

Adventure Series: Overview of Camp Hahobas Off-Season Events

The Camp Hahobas off-season Adventure Series is a new program designed to bring exciting activities to Camp when summer camp is not operating.

Starting in the Spring of 2015, the series kicked off with a Blacksmithing and Welding Weekend workshop, where attendees learned the basic skills of blacksmithing or earn the Welding merit badge.

In May, we presented a Mountain Bike XC Race, utilizing the newest program feature at Hahobas, the new Mountain Biking Track.

June brought an Aquatics Adventure, with attendees earning the Canoeing merit badge, and taking a Sea Kayak adventure on Hood Canal.

Unfortunately, the Adventure Series Events are cancelled for 2016, due to the closure of Camp Hahobas.

Read the letter from Scout Executive Ralph Voelker, explaining the closure.

John Ohlson
Activities Chairman ... Read More

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