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William Wolcott Seymour (1861-1929)

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In 1933, W.W. (William Wolcott) Seymour deeded a parcel of land to the Mount Rainier Council, which was located on the Eastern Shore of Hood Canal. Mr. Seymour was a large land and timber holder and held the position of Past President of the local Scout Council.

He came to Tacoma in 1889 and started the R.V. Barto Company with his brother Edmund. This company dealt with mortgages and bonds. In 1895 he was the President of the Tacoma Gas & Electric Light Company. Seymour's public spirit, cleanly life and high ideals led his friends literally to force him into the mayoral fight and he defeated A.V. Fawcett in the recall fight of 1911.'' (Credit to Tacoma, Its History and its Builders A Half Century of Activity by Herbert Hunt).

Mr. Seymour passed away and in 1934 his wife deeded another parcel of land on Hood Canal to the local Council. She followed this with another parcel in 1935 in memorial to her late husband who spent the greatest part of his life in serving the Scouting Movement. (Editor has found more information that states Ms. Emily R. Seymour actually donated in 1/17/1933 22 acres, 38.25 acres, 80 acres and an an additional acreage amount not determined. Then Ms. Seymour through the North Pacific Public Service Company donated an additional 80 acres and 40 acres 10/23/1934. The State of WA donated all of the tidelands 11/22/1935).

Historical information courtesy of Kevin Rudsil

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