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Adventure Series: Blacksmithing & Welding Workshop Weekend - April 18 - 19, 2015

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Adventure Series: Blacksmithing & Welding Workshop Weekend - April 18 - 19, 2015

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April 18 - 19, 2015, at Camp Hahobas.
Learn to do basic blacksmithing skills and make an S hook, fireplace poker and a knife, or earn the Welding merit badge, and learn to weld, using wire feed welders.

This is a camping event, with campsites provided in the Twana Camp loop. Some meals are provided.*

Participant Capacity: 20 people in the Blacksmithing program, 21 people in the Welding program. Minimum age is 11 years old.

Adult Supervision:
SOLO SCOUTS are not allowed to attend alone. Two deep leadership requirements are in effect for this event, however the adult leaders do not have to register for and in participate in the workshops. Those adults who elect to attend to provide leadership but not participate in the workshops will be required to provide their own meals.

Welding Program:
Participants will follow the Welding Merit Badge curriculum, and earn the Welding Merit Badge at the conclusion of the event.
The first day will include the classroom instruction, covering requirements 1 - 4.
The second day will cover the hands-on welding requirements 5 - 6, and #7.
Projects will include welding their initials on a steel coupon, performing the following welds: T joint fillet, lap joint, square groove butt joint.

Blacksmithing Program:
We start with a simple first project- either S-Hooks or another small project.
Then we will do a fireplace poker.
We then have a lesson on metallurgy and heat treating/tempering steel and start making their knife.
The knife work is finished on day 2.
Any scout that participates will complete the majority of requirement 5d of the Metalworking merit badge.

*Meals include Saturday Lunch & Dinner, Sunday Breakfast.
Refunds are subject to the Pacific Harbors Council refund policy.