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Adventure Series: Aquatics Adventure Weekend June 12 - 14, 2015 - Sea Kayaking, Canoeing and More!

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This event will combine a Canoeing merit badge course with a Sea Kayaking adventure on Hood Canal. Participants will spend a portion of the weekend learning Canoeing and then take a Sea Kayak trip on the Hood Canal.

Participant Capacity: 40 youth, 40 adults*. (SOLD OUT!)
Event Pricing: $35 early bird discount, $40 after May 15th

Prerequisites: Must be able to pass the BSA Swimmer Test.

Adult Supervision:
SCOUTS are not allowed to attend alone. Two deep leadership requirements are in effect for this event, however due to limited equipment availability, the adult leaders will not be permitted to participate in the activities (unless the adults bring their own sea-worthy kayak*).

During the Canoeing session, you will learn the BSA Safety Afloat policy, how to launch, paddle and land your canoe, exit & renter the canoe in deep water without capsizing, safely perform a controlled capsize of your canoe, and rescue a swamped canoe. Participants will earn the Canoeing merit badge upon successful completion of the course.

During the kayaking trip, you will take sea kayaks in the open water of Hood Canal, traveling from the Hahobas Beach Cabin to [destination TBD].

More details coming soon, Contact Us if you have any questions.

*Adults bringing their own kayaks will be expected to act in a supervisory capacity on the trip, and enclosed kayaks must be equipped with a sea skirt.