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With an eye to the future, Council volunteers led by Activities Chairman John Ohlson, are making preparations to welcome Scout Troops to the camp in 2021 and beyond.
Work is now underway to develop primitive campsites for use by Scout Units for weekend camping. Select a campsite you are interested in, and click the Contact Us link to inquire.

Weekend Camping Use Agreement & Facility Use Rules

Reservations to camp are required, and will be made online.
A copy of the Hahobas Camp Use Agreement must be signed and submitted to the Tacoma Scout Center, which includes rules and terms of use of the property.
If you have questions, please contact the Pacific Harbors Council program desk at (253) 682-2217 or Contact Us for more information.

1. Tent camping may be done at the Eena campsite, Nature Lodge or Twana Lodge areas, and parking must be within the new boundaries shown on the updated map. Do not park on DNR lan... Read More

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